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Why “Womxn”

Womxn of Worth spells womxn with an x both to acknowledge the history of exclusion in many second wave feminist organizations and to signal its welcome to all woman-identified individuals, regardless of assigned sex at birth. During the 1970s, some women’s organizations sought to create a linguistic marker of women’s independence from men by changing the spelling to womyn. They insisted, however, upon a biologically essentialist understanding of femininity and refused to acknowledge transwomen as “real” women. The x in womxn reflects the Women of Worth’s recognition that gender identity is non-binary and independent of assigned sex at birth. Read more about its history Here

Why “Womxn of Color”

In 1977, a group of black women from Washington, DC went to the National Women’s Conference that Jimmy Carter had given 5 million dollars to have as part of the world decade for women, hosted in Houston, Texas. Brought Black Women’s Agenda because the organizers of the conference, had put together a three-page minority women’s plank in a 200-page document that these black women thought was somewhat inadequate. A black women’s plan of action that they wanted the delegates to vote to substitute for the minority plank that was in the proposed plan of action. The rest of the minority women of color wanted to be included in the Black Women’s Agenda. Therefore this term is a solidarity definition, a commitment to work in collaboration with other oppressed women of color who have been minoritized. Learn more about its history Here