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The Womxn of Worth Initiative is advised by a board of Faculty and Staff across campus in both Academic and Student Affairs. This board is comprised of over 10 campus partners and makes up the 6 committees within the organization. Each Committee reports to the Chair and the Vice Chair of the organization who govern the overall mission. Each Committee has a faculty/staff chair and a student co- chair.

2018 – 2019
(W)omxn of Worth Initiative Advisory Board

  • Chair – Erica Wallace (Center for Student Success & Academic Counseling)

    • Campus & Community Partnerships Committee
      • Dr. DeVetta Holman Nash (Assistant Director, Student Wellness) & Dr. Gloria Thomas (Director, Carolina Women’s Center)
      • Program Assistant: Kirami Bah, Class of 2020
    • Social Media & Marketing Committee
      • Trinh Nguyen (International Student and Scholar Advisor, International Student and Scholar Services)
      • Program Assistant: Kamesha Chalmers, Class of 2021
    • Carolina & Career Development Committee
      • Maria Dykema Erb (Co-Director, The Graduate School Center for Diversity & Student Success) & Sheena Jacobs (Assistant Director, University Career Services)
      • Program Assistant: Kamesha Chalmers, Class of 2021
  • Vice-Chair – Therésa McKire (Department of Housing and Residential Education)

    • Monthly Gatherings Committee
      • Carla Rodriguez (Coordinator, New Student & Family Programs) & Brandy Arellano (Program Manager, Center for Global Initiatives)
      • Program Assistant: Abby Murray, Class of 2019
    • Curriculum & Assessment Committee
      • Dr. Shonda Goward (Academic Director, Carolina Covenant) & Dr. Clare Counihan (Carolina Women’s Center Program Coordinator for Faculty & Staff)
      • Program Assistant: Kirami Bah, Class of 2020
    • Signature Events Committee
      • Dawna Jones (Assistant Dean of Students, Office of the Dean of Students) & Iyman Gaspard (Program Manager, Center for Global Initiatives)
      • Program Assistant: Ricki Head, Class of 2020

Committee Breakdown

  • Monthly Gatherings Committee – This committee will organize and conduct forums/gathering, monthly, focused on issues facing women of underrepresented identities as well as activities for social interaction and empowerment.
  • Curriculum & Assessment Committee – This committee will work to develop the curriculum design & assessment plan/reporting for the (W) Initiative.
  • Signature Events Committee – This committee will plan large – scale events that promote the mission and vision of (W). These events include Fall Welcome, Spring Conference & End of Year Celebration.
  • Campus & Community Partnerships Committee – his committee will work to foster – cross campus and community collaborations amongst faculty and staff. This committee will bring (W) (W) Initiative awareness to other offices, departments, and faculty.
  • Social Media & Marketing Committee – This committee will work on promoting events and increase the visibility of the (W) Initiative.
  • Carolina & Career Development Committee – This committee will leverage and bring awareness to existing resources to support women of color.

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