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The (W) Carolina & Career Development Committee presents

Lunch and Learn Series

Time:  12-1:30 pm

Location:  Graduate Student Center, 211A West Cameron Ave

Lunch is provided, but you MUST REGISTER!


Identity—Understanding Who You Are in Academia/the Workplace
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One’s identity as a womxn is characterized by multiple life dynamics, including race, social class, family background, sexual orientation, etc. While sexism shapes the nature of womxnhood, womxhood often looks very different for womxn of color than their white counterparts, because each womxn’s experience is shaped by the internal expectations and external perceptions of what it means to be a womxn within racial minority communities (Hernandez & Rehman, 2002; Anzaldua & Keating, 2002). We do not function in a color- and gender-blind society. Life at the intersectionality of race, gender, and other social identities can sometimes be challenging and complex. This discussion will be centered on the experiences and challenges that arise as the result of the intersection of social identities and offer multidimensional views on the realities confronted by womxn of color in educational and professional settings. The goal is to freely share ideas, challenges, strategies, and inspiration on understanding who you are and how to successfully navigate academia and the workplace as a womxn of color.



Strategic Networking—Maximizing Your Connections
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Networking exposes you to new perspectives and ideas, expands your contacts and influence, and provides support and information for professional advancement (Ibarra, 2016; Gant, 2015). On the contrary, the “lack of access to networks of influential colleagues is a primary barrier to the advancement of women, particularly to women of color” (Catalyst, 2006). But, building these networks come with challenges. Faced with dual exclusion due to gender and race, when building and maintaining relationships, women of color must learn to navigate stereotypes and expectations in a confident and professional manner. Come learn more about what networking looks like for a womxn of color and discover strategies to intentionally and strategically network with decision-makers and influential stakeholders.



Authenticity in Academia/the Workplace
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Should I wear my natural hair? Is my dress attire appropriate? How can I speak up against stereotypes and micro aggressions without being the angry womxn of color in class or in my work place? How much is too much when it comes to honoring and being proud of my race/ethnicity? As a womxn of color, we ask ourselves a myriad of questions daily about our own cultural authenticity that either confirms our stigmatized identity or empowers and frees us to be our true authentic self. It can be exhausting to “code switch” between work/class self and personal self, when often times it yields nothing more than a greater level of frustration. Additionally, concern with the answers to these questions and how it impacts our ability to advance can be a daunting process in itself. What are the advantages to becoming unguarded and allowing our peers to see our “authentic self”? If you have ever asked these questions, plan to attend this session. This interactive session will help you 1. Identify elements of yourself that are important to maintain in your work or class environment 2. Explore ways to incorporate these elements into your personal space 3. Discover healthy ways to approach challenging conversations related to your authentic self in these spaces.



Knowing Your Value in Academia/the Workplace
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In today’s society, there are often conversations around manifestations of inequality- primarily the gender pay gap, which widens when applied to womxn of color and womxn from underrepresented racial and ethnic populations.  How does one combat inequality and set the foundational elements for their career to thrive and flourish?  The conversation begins with value, and understanding your worth in academia or the workplace.  As a womxn of color, you bring forth a unique diversity that can set the stage for success.  In this discussion, we will showcase the various points of value womxn of color bring to the workplace and how a complete understanding of your own intrinsic value can be used in real world applications, such as salary negotiations and professional advancement.